Welcome to Our School

The Dartford Bridge School opened 9th September 2009 (09.09.09!). On that day we began with thirty-nine children, three teachers, three teaching assistants, a nursery nurse and admin staff. Over eight years later and we now have 364 children across all year groups, a nursery of 52 children and many more teachers and teaching assistants. And we continue to grow.

‘Asking, Aspiring, Achieving’.

Our school motto describes our commitment to an active, inspiring and engaging learning environment on which all learning is planned and delivered. Children are encouraged to become independent learners, problem solvers, good communicators and a team player. Encouraging children to ask questions and being given the tools to find out supports the active learning we promote. In our most recent OFSTED inspection (March 2014) we were given judgements of good in all areas of inspection with safety of children being outstanding. We are located on The Bridge Learning and Community Campus, sharing our site with other Kent Agencies. We see ourselves as part of the local community and we strive to make local and international links to support both learning and citizenship at our school.

Fraction Sandwiches

We loved our Maths lesson on Wednesday as we were learning about fractions. We had slices of bread and we cut them in halves and quarters. After that our ‘fraction sandwiches’ were decorated with butter and strawberry and/or apricot jam. The best thing of all was that we could eat our ‘fractions’ at the end of the lesson. They were so yummy! Can you
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Sports Day Highlights

During the final week of last term everyone took part in sports day. As well as being a  chance for children from all across the school to compete in their house teams to be champions it also helps build teamwork, leadership skills and inspires children to participate in sports. We were very impressed by the positive attitudes and happy faces shown across all the
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Hospital Talk By Francine Payne

This term Year 4 were lucky enough to have a local historian Francine Payne visit.  She gave a talk about our local area in the past. It was really interesting. We learnt about the isolation hospital ships for smallpox patients, which were made from old battle ships and a ferry. Dr Birdwood was in charge at the beginning and then Dr Ricketts, Dr Cameron,
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