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Dinosaur Planet

As a part of our topic, The Dinosaur Planet, Child class has learned that dinosaurs lived millions of years ago and could be found all over the world. We have learned about Mary Anning, who was a palaeontologist, which means she hunted for fossils. Fossils are the remains of plants and animals that died millions of years ago – like dinosaurs! Enjoy looking at
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Mr Fox’s Woodland Party

Year 1 had an exciting Monday afternoon at Mr Fox’s woodland party. Before the party started, we prepared a trail of colourful pebbles to help our parents and carers find us. Mr Fox then left us his own trail of clues to help us find where he was hiding! The children also made their own woodland creatures using conkers and matchsticks, read some woodland-themed
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The Enchanted Woodland

As a part of our topic, The Enchanted Woodland, Child class went for a nature walk to collect natural materials. We used them to create our amazing boggarts.  Boggarts are mischievous creatures, they are guardians of woodlands. We enjoyed making our creatures very much, each child pressed a ball of clay firmly onto the tree trunk and sculpted it into a face, using a
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