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Reflection and Refraction

In Browne class we have been investigating to answer the question: “why do cats eyes reflect at night?” The children have been experimenting with different light sources and materials to see what reflection really is and how it occurs. We have found out lots about reflection and refraction as well as which materials are best to wear at night time to be seen. What
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In the Shadows

Year 3 have been exploring light and dark as our science topic this term. We have been looking closely at shadows. We were given the question: How do you make a shadow longer or shorter? We discovered that the light has to be at an angle for the shadow to be longer. We have learnt three new words when studying our topic. Transparent –
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In Browne class this week we have been thinking about what shadows are, how they are formed and how they change shape. We have looked at shadow companies and shadows around us before investigating ourselves with torches and objects to find out how it is done. We tested lots of objects and found that an object had to be opaque for a shadow to
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