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Sea life Adventure

Both classes in Year 4 had an amazing day in Southend, at the Sea Life Adventure Centre. There were so many exciting things to see and do, along with the beach to run off our excess energy before getting back on the bus to return to school. The fish, lobsters and jellyfish started our journey through the underwater world, followed by the rays, eels
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Spaghetti, Toast and Bile!

There were lots of ‘oohs’ and ‘ahhhs’ today in Year 4 as Peter the pharmacist (from the Pharmacy across the road from us) demonstrated the digestive system with the help of the children. The spaghetti and toast were then blended and mixed with our fake bile…at which point the sounds were more gasps of horror than amazement! The food was stirred into a bowl
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Greenwich Maritime Museum

The Year 4 visit to Greenwich Maritime Museum was a brilliant event where we learnt so much about the Vikings, the Anglo-Saxons and other times in history. Year 4 have been travelling in style, using buses, trains and then a boat that definitely felt like it was at sea! With the captain at the wheel, we were safely on our way. Until we started
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