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Tower of London

On Tuesday 5th December, Morpurgo class went on a trip to the Tower of London. We had a wonderful visit, splitting into small groups to explore inside and around the 21 different towers that make up the site. Groups were particularly excited to visit the Crown Jewels where the Cullinan and Koh-I-Nur Diamonds are kept. In term 1 we studied these exquisite gems and
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Harvest Song

To celebrate harvest, the Year 5 Morpurgo class created new lyrics and choreography for one of their favourite songs. ‘Get Back Up Again’ soon became ‘Grow Back Up Again’, as each group designed a verse for the song, based on harvest. Oumou and Mufaro took on the challenge of designing the chorus choreography and created an energetic, well thought out combination of moves. This
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Silk River Project

On the 20th of September, all of the DBCPS Year 5 students had the opportunity to be involved in the Silk River project. The project explores the unique relationship between London and Kolkata through a year’s artistic exchange between communities along the Thames Estuary and Hooghly River. A group of walkers have been making their way along the Thames, and their path took them
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