Superhero Day

Friday was Superhero Day…and what a fun-filled and colourful day it was!

The week helped to raise money for children’s charities and to support the continuation of the school minibus.  And it was a time to remember a lost friend and pupil of DBCPS.

We want to thank all the parents for their support this week (it was great to see you all at the movie night and on Superhero Day), our amazing pupils for transforming in to superheroes on Friday, some awesome ex-pupils of ours that came in especially to help at the movie night and on Superhero Day, the Friends of DBCPS for putting on a brilliant disco, our staff for supporting the various events and activities taking place and for those staff who had to step in to different roles.  To date we have raised £1200!

Here are a few highlights from Friday:



  • Victoria

    Wow what a fantastic day! The pupils certainly look like they had the most amazing time. This is such an awesome event and a fitting tribute to little Brandon. The ballon release looked so beautiful! A super super hero day! Well done DBCPS!

  • Mrs Connelly

    It looked like you all had a fab time and you all looked fab too.
    Looking forward to Superhero day next year. X

  • catherineF

    great costumes every one really good and well done on the walk

  • Mrs O'Callaghan

    A great day at the end of a really good week! Already planning my outfit for next year!

  • Mrs O'Callaghan

    We always knew we had super children, but now we have the photographs to prove it. Well done everyone at DBCPS.

  • mariama

    Super hero day was super duper fun.

  • Mariama

    Superhero day was so much fun. Our baloons are gonna go to lots of different countries. I wish superhero day went on forever and ever. That was the best superhero day.I wonder how next superhero day will be like.I love every superheroday in my life.

  • Alfie

    It looks really good I wish I was never sick I’m always ill on a good day

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