The Ongoing Saga of the Year 5 Plants!

It was a very hot afternoon when Mrs Stone from our Gardening Club came to help us (Attenborough Class) to plant our tomato and sweet pepper plants. We have carefully nurtured these plants from seeds and they are now strong enough to go into the school garden. It was with great excitement we carried them from the classroom.

Mrs Stone showed us how to plan where to put the plants and how to dig a hole. Then we were put into groups for digging, planting and watering.

We looked up from our work and realised that Reception and Year 2 had also come into the garden to check on their plants. It was turning into a very busy area. Miss Randall appeared to see what was growing in the school garden and commented on the great use of the area.

We were the last to leave the garden, after watering the newly bedded plants, but there was a surprise awaiting us. Unknown to us Mrs Stone had crept round to the hose and as we went passed she sprayed us with a drizzle of lovely cold water!

It was great ending, especially after working under the hot sun. We are looking forward to watching the plants grow and of course eating them when ready!



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