Peter Pan Highlights

After 6 weeks of hard work, rehearsals, learning songs, lines and stage acting our amazing Year 6 children put on their production of Peter Pan this week; dress rehearsal Monday, an afternoon show on Tuesday and the final, evening performance last night.  Under the direction of Miss Elliot (with some creative support from Miss Gallagher, Mrs Botelho and  Miss Scott), working alongside a team of Mr Stannard, Mr C and Mr Clegg, they soon started to gain confidence in themselves and performing on stage, and the rehearsals gradually improved and the songs and scenes started to gel.  It was a lot of hard work, with a few ups and downs throughout, but the children persevered, worked together as a team and remained determined to put on a great show.  And what a show it was!

Thanks to all the parents who supported their children in many different ways – we couldn’t have done it without you.  This was a brilliant way to bring their time at DBCPS to an end, but they can now relax, enjoy their last few days with us here and then start looking forward to the next step in their lives and join their new schools in September.

Enjoy some of the photos from the shows below.  They will be included on the end of year DVDs if you wish to print any of your favourites along with a recording of the production.



  • Sue

    Well done to all of the staff and pupils for putting on such a fantastic performance, loved it!.
    A joy to watch.

  • Amy

    An absolute brilliant performance they all done so well a big well done to them allI’m also very proud of lily-Ann not in a million years did I think she would be up there singing solo and performing how she did x very proud mum

  • Robert ray

    Absolutely brilliant really enjoyed it well done to all

  • Ian

    Brilliant show! well done to all the kids hard to believe they are only 10/11 years old and putting on a show like that. Well done Scarlett mum and me were so proud

  • Dan

    Every single child performed incredibly well. The harmonies when they sang as a group were amazing. We are all very proud of Lily. Hope everyone enjoys their last week together!!

  • Lily ( tinkerbell )

    I loved performing and I loved being tinkerbell
    It was a good experience and I loved it all
    Hope you all enjoyed it xx
    ✨✨Always if you have a problem go and think about the second star to the right ✨✨

  • Alexia

    Well done year 6 what an amazing performance!

  • anthony longhurst

    cant wait for dvd to come out so I can see how good you all are, Amelia sorry could not be there to see it

  • Alastair Jefford

    Congratulations year 6 and all staff involved in last night’s performance. It was fantastic. Year5, you have a big challenge ahead of you if you are to better this!

  • Miss O'Connor

    Wow!!!! SO proud of you all, I’m sure it was a show to remember! Wish I could have been there to see it
    Wishing you all every success in your new schools!

  • Lily-Ann ( Wendy)

    I had lots of fun I wish I could do it again and thank you to Mr C MrStannard Mr clegg and the very big thank you to Miss Elliott ❤️

  • Linh

    i loved performing in front of people and i enjoyed the whole show. i think it has made my confidence a lot higher which is great!!

  • Captain Hook ;)

    WOW what a show it was! I wish I could do it again! :)

  • olivia

    looks really good everyone well done

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