Benenden Music Experience

After a long journey on the coach (although we played lots of games) we eventually arrived at Benenden where a cameraman was waiting for us! The sun was shining and the place looked like a palace. They have tennis courts, playgrounds, dormitories and a swimming pool.

We went to our rest area and then to rehearsals. We went through our pieces then we had a break and we had a drink and a muffin, it was very yummy!

More practise then it was lunch time. We were really hungry.
From Lydia & Olivia (Yr5)

I liked Benenden Music experience day because it was super fun and exciting! I liked seeing and hearing all the different instruments played by the Royal Engineer band and learnt a lot from the rhythm workshop we did in the afternoon. I also, liked swimming because it was fun swimming with my friends. I wish I could go again next year.
By Chloe (Yr5)

In the afternoon we went swimming after eating our lunch in the playground and played on the swings. It was really fun and a great experience swimming in the deep end with my friends. More and more practise with all the children from the other schools and Mrs. Jarvis band but the afternoon had another drink and a delicious yumyum! Then we went to dinner and there was a lot of nice options to choose from.

Exciting times as we got ready for the show (concert). We played our best and the music was creative, loud and magnificent. I hope our parents thought that too!
By Mufaro & Eloise (Yr4)

I loved all the experience throughout the day as I was playing music and this is something I enjoy. Also, I was a narrator telling parents about some of the music we played. My favourite piece was Happy Birthday & The Football Medley.
By Thomas (Yr 4)

Danni , one of our ex-pupils, made the extra effort to join us for the day.  She really enjoyed it and was wondering how she can attend next year!



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