Year 7 Mini Reunion

Friday evening saw the return of our July leavers for a mini reunion.  Planned since July, it gave everyone a chance to see each other again and find out how they are all getting on.  We’re pleased to say they are all doing very well in their new schools and managing to keep on top of all the extra homework!

Miss Randall arranged to have some Domino’s Pizza delivered with a selection of meaty, Hawaiian, cheese and tomato and pepperoni to choose from.  Safe to say it didn’t last long!  We had some video highlights on the big screen while they had their food and then headed down to the field to run off all that extra energy. Reliving their days at DBCPS with a good run around and then rounders and football on the field.

It was great to see them all again and we are so pleased to hear they are doing well at their secondary schools. Keep up the great work, we’re very proud of you all.

PLEASE NOTE: unfortunately, due to all the excitement of the evening, we overlooked handing out copies of the leavers’ evening DVDs we had prepared. Please contact the school if you would like a copy.



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