Judith Kerr | R

Class Teacher: Miss Gallagher

Unqualified Teacher: Miss Brooks

Your child’s class teacher’s name is Miss Gallagher and our Unqualified Teacher is Miss Brooks. Within our class, your children have different groups and tables. Their main ‘friendship’ group names are: Dory, Woody, Olaf, Joy and Lightening McQueen. As the term and year progresses, your child will be put into separate groups for Maths and Phonics. These will always be changing all year and your child will be moved.

Our behaviour chart follows the schools policy. Every child starts on the green lilypad at the beginning of the day. If they do something positive, or go ‘above and beyond’ expectations they are able to progress to Silver or Gold. However, they have a wobble they are placed on the ‘log’ to form part of a warning. If their behaviour continues to deteriorate or they display dangerous behaviours they are placed on yellow, orange or red and have a time out either in class, with EYFS lead or head teacher. We also have a class ‘worker of the day’ where a child is chosen to choose a prize based on their academic achievements/work effort in the day.


Judith Kerr is a children’s author who has written many different books over her lifetime. The main story we are focusing on is ‘The Tiger who came to Tea’ as well as looking at the many ‘Mog’ adventure stories she has written. The class will be learning more about her stories and her life as the year progresses. As part of our class book, each weekend one child will take the class Tiger home. Children are chosen for a range of reasons including behaviour and achievements throughout the week. At the end of the weekend, your child needs to draw a picture of something they done at the weekend with the Tiger and we are asking for you to write a sentence or two explaining your weekend. We will be sharing this in circle time on Mondays. Any photos would be greatly appreciated.

We hope that your child enjoys their time at school and has fun with learning lots of new and exciting things! Don’t worry if you child is friends with someone in the other Reception class, we all mingle a lot during our child initiated learning time. Kerr Class always welcomes children in to play from other classes!


Early Years Foundation Stage


The Early Years Foundation Stage is a play-based curriculum that focuses on the individual child and their interests. It is made up of six areas of learning: (that the children will be assessed on throughout the year)

  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development (e.g. Social Skills, Involvement levels etc…)
  • Communication, language and literacy (English, Reading, Writing, Phonics)
  • Maths (Numbers, Shape, Measure, Cooking)
  • Understanding the World (Science, Computing, Geography and History, Cooking)
  • Physical Development (E., fine motor skills, gross motor skills)
  • Expressive Arts and Design (Music, Art, D&T)


Assessments in the foundation stage are made up of mainly:

  • Observations
  • Post-it notes
  • Photographs/video’s
  • Children’s work

Important things for you to remember: 

  • Homework gets sent out on Thursday and is to be retuned by the following Wednesday.
  • We change the reading books once a week, however these should always be in school so we can read with your child.
  • Your child will have the opportunity to take home our Tiger. Please ensure he is looked after and returned on Monday.
  • PE kits need to be brought in ASAP please (every item in the PE bag needs to be named, along with the clothes they wear to school). These will go home at the end of term.
  • Please ensure your child brings a water bottle in on Monday’s and these will go home on Friday’s.

Please feel free to ask any quick questions either in the mornings or after school. If you would like to arrange a meeting please ask and we can arrange a suitable time.

Miss Gallagher and Miss Brooks.