The Hub

SEN Teacher: Mrs Brooks
SEN Teaching Assistant: Miss Scott

DBCPS recently opened an Inclusion Room, called The Hub.  An inclusion room is where children with and without disabilities learn together.  It is the opposite of a special education classroom, where students with disabilities learn with only other students with disabilities.  We are using an Ubuntu approach to accommodate all pupils.

In the past we were known as Noble Room/Lennon Hub, however; this year we are taking on a different role in The Hub. We will not have children on permanent basis, but will invite them in small groups to access academic, social, PSHCE and behaviour sessions according their needs.

We use a supportive system and techniques to help children deal with different situations in different settings. Although they will visit us for sessions, they will still based in their mainstream class and learn alongside their general educational peers.

The Aim of The Hub:

  • Support children’s individual learning needs.
  • Create a safe base for children to understand and manage their emotions.
  • To equipped them with strategies to access a fully functioned mainstream class.

Our door is always open for any queries.

The Hub Team.