Mo Farah | Y6

Class Teacher: Mr Stannard

Unqualified Teacher: Mr Cummins

We are the Year 6 class at Dartford Bridge Community Primary School that consists of Mr Stannard and Mr Cummins. We are very much looking forward to an exciting, fun-filled (and slightly busy) year ahead.

Our year unfortunately begins with tests, ends with tests, but has lots of fun and learning in between. A clear highlight of the year, and something we’re sure all the children will be excited about, is our school trip to Kingswood. Abseiling, climbing, archery, bushcraft and aeroball are just some of the adrenaline-pumping and amazing activities to keep us busy for the week!


We would like to welcome all parents and carers to our classroom where we have the opportunity to share, discuss and celebrate all of the wonderful work that the children have been doing each week. The topics we will be covering this term include ‘The Battle of Britain’ and a unit titled ‘Who’s In Control?’ (a topic based around robots and machines taking control.) We welcome and greatly appreciate any props, posters or artefacts that the children may have at home and wish to bring into school to share with the class.

We are aiming for all children in Farah Class to be Razzy Readers by the end of the summer term. As a result, we encourage and support the children to read daily – both in and out of school. At the end of the school day we drop everything and read for pleasure at 3pm, it would be fantastic if this could then be continued every evening at home. We also hope that all the children will enjoy and take advantage of all the wonderful new books that were recently added to our book corner.

Setting examples for the rest of the children in the school is a very important part of everyone’s role in Year 6. Outstanding behaviour inside and outside of the classroom will be rewarded with Dojos – as will exceptional work that is completed during lesson time.

Please keep a regular eye on our class blog where will be sharing work, experiences and successes when possible.

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