Phonics Zone

Welcome to the DBCPS Phonics Zone!

Phonics is taught on a daily basis in all schools from the age of three. In Nursery, the children are taught to recognise sounds around them. From Reception they are taught individual sounds. The children then learn how to ‘blend’ (put sounds together to make a word) and ‘Fred-talk’ (separate a word to recognise each sound in the word). In Reception, the children are assessed on arrival to the school and placed in the relevant Read, Write, Inc (RWI) group. They carry on learning phonics throughout Year 1 and Year 2 working their way through the entire RWI programme.

When the children first start RWI they learn the Set 1 sounds and the move to Set 2 when they are able to securely blend sounds.  Set 3 teaches the children familiar souphonicmonsternds but with a different grapheme (the letters that represent each sound).

In our new and updated eBook you will learn how we pronounce each sound correctly. To help both children and adults we have recorded the children’s voices saying each sound.

Have fun learning each of the sounds with your child and download the eBook today!

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