Welcome to Our School

I am very pleased to welcome you to our school website; I hope that you enjoy looking round the site and it helps you to get a feel for our school. Remember that our door is always open to welcome you if you would like to visit.

The Dartford Bridge Community Primary School (DBCPS) opened on the 9th September 2009 (09.09.09!). On that day we began with thirty-nine children, three teachers, three teaching assistants, a nursery nurse and admin staff. Over eight years later and we now have 443 children (two form entry from Year R-5), including a nursery of 52 children and many more staff. And we continue to grow.

At the heart of everything we do for children, families and our community is our safe, stimulating and inclusive learning environment where every member of our community is valued and respected. Ubuntu is an important word here at DBCPS which stems from an African concept that has at its heart the idea that a person is a person through other people. A phrase synonymous to Ubuntu is that ‘I am happy, if you are happy’ and that it takes a village to raise a child. There is a great deal more information on our Ubuntu page.In our happy and caring school we continually strive to provide an exciting, relevant and challenging curriculum. This includes exciting events such as the Year 6 residential, whole school theme weeks and trips and regular visitors to school.

DBCPS is a Growth Mindset school where all members of the community are encouraged to continually reflect and develop giving everyone the opportunity to succeed without fearing making a mistake. Children are encouraged to become independent, resilient learners, problem solvers, good communicators and a team player. Encouraging children to ask questions and being given the tools to find out supports the active learning we promote.

We are very proud of our school and hope that you will visit so that you can see for yourself. We are located on The Bridge Learning and Community Campus, sharing our site with other Kent Agencies. We see ourselves as part of the local community and we strive to make local and international links to support both learning and citizenship at our school.

Miss Randall, Headteacher.

Raiders and Traders

Who’s that waving axes and brandishing swords? It’s the Anglo-Saxons invading Britain’s shores! Wow! What a fun and exciting start to Year 4 we have all had! During this half term we have learnt about the Anglo–Saxon and Viking invasion on Britain. We started by exploring, using online maps, the countries that were involved in the invasion and where the gruesome invaders came from.
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Year 5 have had a very enjoyable term! We have learned about the Tudors through the topic “Off with Her Head”.  We have had lots of exciting learning opportunities including a chance to try some bread that was baked using a Tudor-style recipe.  Also, we had the opportunity to learn about rich and poor Tudor clothing and developed our understanding of the technical vocabulary
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People Equal

To celebrate the recent National Poetry Day, David class have been studying the poem People Equal by James Berry. This poem explores mutual tolerance and respect for diversity. Through studying this poem the children have been questioning what the statement means “all people are equal” and this has enabled them to develop an understanding of community, personal identity and show sensitivity to others. The
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