In the Spotlight – Episode 8

Hi and welcome to our new episode of Spotlight!! We have some amazingly talented and kind hearted children this week so lets have a look who are in the Spotlight this week.  First up we have a brother and sister – one in Year 2 and one in Year 5.  Recently they both attended the Big Lunch on the Bridge Community Campus and they both decided that they would like to raise money for charity.  In order to do so they both looked through their household belongings and decided to sell some of their own items to raise money.  From pencil cases to toys they gathered enough for a whole stall and went on to raise a fantastic £25.  We are so proud of you, your great ideas and generosity.  Well done!

Next, we have a brilliantly talented Year 1 child who has amazed us with her drawings.  A budding artist in the making we loved you sharing your art with us and it is so good!! Free hand sketching and colouring and we look forward to seeing more of it in the near future.

We then have an amazing ballet dancer!  She has been practicing for years and could show us some of the excellent dance techniques and moves that she has worked on lately.  It is brilliant to see such talent and we love that you enjoy it for fun and exercise and that you are getting better and better.  Keep it up!

Lastly we have a kind hearted Year 2 child.  She wanted to make gloves for her own family to keep them warm and so made a lovely blue set to get her started.  They are so well made and you are a tailor in the making.  What a brilliant and kind idea and you certainly have talent at it.

A massive well done to all our Spotlight Stars this week and we look forward to more in the next episode.  Well done all!


A couple of weeks ago i ran a stall outside of the community room and I went in a sheltered area because it was raining. All the items in the picture came from my house and I was selling them because I wanted to raise money for Cancer Research. I had some help from my brother and we managed to raise £20!! We sold a few books, blue bands and some footballs. We also had a few donations. **** My sister and I created our stall for the Big Lunch as we know a few people who have been affected by cancer. We sold a few things that we no longer needed at home and we raised over £20! My brother also did a stall and raised over £35 which together meant we raised £55. We sold plenty of books, pencil cases, films and general bits and bobs. It was a good day overall and the Big Lunch is held every year on the first Sunday in June. Thank you!


I started ballet when i was about 3 years old. I go each week to learn new ballet moves. I have to do lots of different excises and stretches before doing the dancing.I really like doing pointy toes and getting to wear all the nice clothes.


I love art because it can look realistic but I also love to draw characters like Belle (Beauty and the Beast), Ariel (from The Little Mermaid) and Tinkerbell (from Peter Pan). It’s a lot of fun doing my drawings and I show them to my Mum, who says they are really good. I want to draw forever!



It took me about an hour to make these gloves. When I saw the gloves last week I wanted to make my own. My nanny cut them out and i sewed them together. I chose blue because I wanted to make them for my Thing One costume! I would love to make more things in the future such as scarves.



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