In the Spotlight – Episode 9

Hi and welcome to our first Spotlight of the new academic year.  We have been eagerly awaiting our first episode and this is not one to disappoint.  As you can see from the host of achievements our children have been so busy over the summer and in to the new term, and we are incredibly proud of each and every one of them.

So this week we bring you an episode including a football players, karate success, a lovely story from one of our nursery boys and even our very own staff doing us all proud and completing a half marathon overnight for charity.  Well done to everyone!  It goes to show how talented we are as a school and that our outside achievements whether playing for teams, participating in one off events for charity or beginning new hobbies are so important to our development.  I would also like to say a special congratulations to both our Boys and Girls Football teams.  I was lucky enough to support them in two football tournaments held at Dartford FC.  Both of our teams did incredibly well with both the Boys and the Girls coming 3rd in a tournament with strong competition and many local schools participating.  Not only are we proud of how far they achieved but the actual teamwork was outstanding and the spirit and morale shown by all our children.  This was brilliant to see and the buzz from both teams wanting to play more matches and tournaments across the year is very encouraging.  Well done for representing the school so well!

Now please enjoy the spotlight superstars for this term and what our children have said about themselves.  Enjoy and we hope to see you again very soon!


Last Sunday I won player of the match because played better than everyone else. I tackled and defended well and we hardly let in any goals. The weekend before that my whole team won a trophy because we scored 6 goals and I scored two of them.


In my karate I came first place in my first ever competition. We had to come up two by two and then one by one to do the kata which lead to me getting in to the finals. There could only be 1st, 2nd and 3rd and I came first! I was so happy!


This book inspired our son to donate a teddy to a refugee camp. We donated one and he felt really proud of himself and Dad and I are amazed he done this on his own accord.


We’ve been playing for our local team for one season. In one of previous matches we both scored a hat trick. C got man of the match two weeks ago and N got it even more recently. I our most recent match C scored from a corner and N scored another hat trick! I was captain, even though we lost 6-5; we were winning 5-2 at first then they got lots of goals back and won. It was a great match though.


On Wednesday 5th October 10 children from Year 5 and 6 participated in a girls’ football tournament at the Dartford FC training grounds. It was great fun and all the girls enjoyed themselves. Once we arrived we were given five minutes warm up time. Sadly, we lost our first match 2-0 but that only spurred us on to win our second match 2-0! Our third match didn’t go too well and we lost 3-0. In our fourth match we had a 1-1 draw. We were then given the chance to play a fifth match but sadly we lost. Our overall position was 3rd place which was a great achievement as we were only beginners.


On Thursday 6th October, for the first time this year, 11 Year 5 and 6 boys took part in a football tournament in Princes Park in Dartford. Our first game we lost 2-0. In our second match we won 3-2, with Toby scoring two amazing goals and Derrick scoring one. We drew our last game in the group stages 1-1. That put us second in our group which meant we then played against Westhill and won 1-0 with Derrick scoring the goal. We came 3rd overall. We did this as a team and were very proud!


Mrs Cheeseman, Mrs Sparrow, Miss Scott, Miss Sodhi and Mrs Dobson walked 13 miles around London to raise lots of money for Cancer Research UK. It took 4 hours and 45 minutes and we saw lots of famous landmarks along the way, including Big Ben and the London Eye. Thank you to staff who kindly made donations.



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