In the Spotlight – Episode 10

Hello and welcome to episode 10 of Spotlight!  With festive cheer around the corner we are extremely pleased to present three of our pupils who individually have been outstanding in their outside hobbies, as well as a former pupil who showcased her singing.  Firstly, we have one of our Year 4’s who has been enjoying taekwondo and took part in an extra special challenge.  As you will see from his words below he did extremely well!

We then have another Year 4 pupil who has excelled in her swimming and has thoroughly enjoyed her hobby.  We are proud of her!  Then we have a Year 3 who has been having a lot of fun at horse riding and did brilliantly and won one of the Christmas games.  It sounds fantastic!

Finally, but by no means least we have a former pupil of ours who is now at DSTC in Year 8.  She has been attending singing lessons outside of school and at the weekend got to showcase to a large audience.  We are extremely proud of you and what a great voice.

This wraps up our Christmas episode and all that is left to say is how fantastic you all are and we with you a happy holidays and look forward to being back in the new year with even more reasons to celebrate from our wonderfully talented children!

I am currently a blue belt in Taekwondo (which means foot fist way), and working towards my red belt, then on to my probationary black and then full black belt. The certificate i have been awarded is for doing 1000 kicks and punches in less than 10 minutes without stopping, which I did last Tuesday. I like Taekwondo because they actually teach us how to defend ourselves. There’s always a way to block if someone is trying to hurt you. The form I am on now is called Sah Jang (which is Korean Taekwondo).

I had to master my breast stroke and do front stroke for two lengths, which is what this certificate is for. Also, i had to do tuck float. I like to swim because the swimming pool is blue and blue is my favourite, and because when i jump in lots of bubbles come around me which feels really nice. In future i want to learn how to do the butterfly stroke.

I had to lots of Christmas games on a horse, such as going against another team. I was gold, they were red. I won one of the games called ‘fight the snowman’ where I had to thrown fake snowballs at a snowman while on my horse! I also had to canter around the whole course, jumping over obstacles and also needed to feed the horse for him to eat. The name of my horse Tinkerbell. I have been horse riding for just 8 weeks this year. WI really love horse riding, getting to chose which horse to ride on and I get to have sweets at the end!




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