In the Spotlight – Episode 11

Hi everybody and welcome to episode 11 of Spotlight.  Yet again we have a great episode lined up with 4 superstars who have all shone in their own right.  To start we have a Year 5 pupil who has shared with us her passion and talent at horse riding.  Check out her rosettes as well as her video which gives us a great insight in to her dedication to horse riding and how much she is learning.  Then we have another Year 5 who we are incredibly proud of for her outstanding achievements in football.  Not only does she represent our school team but she also has great success own side of school playing for her club.

Then we skip down to Year 2 where we have a brilliantly talented artist.  Just check out the drawings we have on offer for you, and I am sure you will agree that she has great talent!  Last but not least we have another returning student who is now in Year 7.  We were delighted to have a visit from him and he then wowed us all with his fantastic achievements since beginning at his secondary school in September.  He has a host of achievements for his successes in science, French and literacy to name a few.  A huge well done to everyone in the spotlight today and be sure to share a comment in the blog.  We look forward to our next episode coming soon!

I love horses because they are beautiful animals and wonderful to ride. I first started riding when I was six. I was inspired by my mum, auntie and sister. Ever since then I’ve been riding and trying to encourage other people to do the same. While I have been riding I have won some rosettes. Most are for pony days but a couple are for first or second place.

I got this medal last season playing for Gillingham. The award was for playing every single match we had. I play left wing in my team and managed to score 10 goals for the team throughout the season. I love playing with my team as they are really supportive and we always have a good laugh. In the future my aim is to be play for the England team.

I was watching videos on my iPad and had a go at drawing some of the characters. In the picture above you can see Ariel, Harley Quinn, Belle, The Joker and Joy (from Inside Out). I find drawing to be very calming and I like to do it when I have a bit too much energy. I really want to keep getting better and better with my art work.

Last week, we were lucky to have a visit from one of our old Year 6s! He looked incredibly smart and shared some of the awards he has received. It was really great to have a visit from him and pleased to see how well he is doing!  Keep up the great work.




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