In the Spotlight – Episode 12

Hi and welcome back to Spotlight.  It’s been a few weeks since our last Spotlight episode and wow do we have a bumper episode for you today!  Featuring this week we have an artist from Year 4 who has produced some excellent drawings at home, a Year 3 cub scout who amazed us with his talents and how many badges he has and a Year 2 swimmer who has excelled in her hobby!  In addition we also have Year 3 gymnastics twins who have both achieved great things, a brother and sister who have done brilliantly in karate and swimming respectively, a Year 4 fantastic swimmer, a Nursery child who wowed us with her show and tell about her snakes at home and four Year 4 boys who all produced absolutely fantastic stories for their literacy work.

We are so over the moon with the achievements of each and every one of our children and they thoroughly deserve to be in the Spotlight.  A huge congratulations from me and the staff here and we hope you all enjoy reading about the achievements and leaving comments on the blog.  Well done everyone and keep up the incredible work!

I like trying new things at swimming like pushing off a wall on my back without a float and when we get to play games at the end. I used to be quite scared going under water and jumping in the pool, but now I’ve done 4 lessons i feel much more confident so I’m always swimming under water and jumping in! To get my level 1 certificate i had to swim on my back without a float, on our front and to jump in from the poolside safely. I’ve already got my level 2 certificate and I will tell you about that soon!

In literacy recently we asked to write a three chapter long dragon story. A: My story was about saving a dragon and keeping safe from an evil King. I liked writing the stories because we got to use our imagination and write what we wanted to about Dragons. T: I wrote about a boy and his mum who went to the park and his mum touched a black coin and turned in to a bad, black dragon! I liked that that i could use a pen to write this story and even got my pen licence. R: my story was about a dragon that came and me and my dog an egg. We woke up, saw the egg and thought what should we do! We eventually find out how to get the egg and defeat the evil dragon once it had hatched. It was good that we got use pens and got to be very creative about we wrote about the dragon.

I like swimming because we learn how to swim and we get lots of toys in there to play with. I recently got my stage 1 certificate by swimming underwater, jumping in to the big pool and to swim under the rope. My level 8 gymnastics certificate was for somersaults and cartwheels, handstands and roly-polies. I love going to both clubs because i enjoy learning new things.

I like going to cubs because I get to create things such as cars and Christmas decorations. I’ve got two really good friends at cubs both from my school. I’ve got lots of badges but my favourite badge is the bronze and the queen’s badge. I go to cubs once a week and it gives me chance to learn new skills.

I have about million snakes at home! They are really friendly snakes but you have to be very careful with them. The snakes on the left is a milk snake, which is my favourite snake. Snakes feel soft when you hold them and they are quite happy to be held. My favourite thing about snake is that I get to hold one every day!

My certificate was for earning the yellow belt in Karate. To get my yellow belt I had to do my grading (which means preforming moves in front of my instructor). I enjoy learning self defence and have made lots of friends at my club. I am now working towards getting my orange belt. I really want my green belt too, which is one after red!

it’s so much fun swimming on my back! sometime i bump in to things!! It the water is a bit deep we use floats to help swim. They teach us to swim properly and how to become a strong swimmer. For my certificate i had to do backstroke. I have made some new friends at swimming club too.

I like gymnastics because it is fun where we learn how to front and back flips, somersaults and cartwheels. Balancing on the beam is also something we learn. Sometimes we even go on a bouncy castle! Recently we have even been able to go on the bars. It’s funny swinging on those. I am currently working towards my level 7 certificate which I hope to get in December.

The characters in the picture I drew when i was a bit bored and want something to do. I copied one of the drawings (Dobby) and then thought I’d try and draw Harry Potter from Goblet of Fire. I like drawing because it’s fun.



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