Film Club: Goosebumps

Moving to a new town can be harsh. Especially for young Zach Cooper. He quickly befriends beautiful next door neighbour Hannah despite the fact that her crazy father wants her safe from the outside world. Hannah’s father is none other than Goosebumps author R. L. Stine who is imprisoned within his own wild imagination as his creations are actually real live monsters. He keeps them locked up in their individual manuscripts. Unfortunately, Zach unwillingly releases a villainous ventriloquist dummy named Slappy who intends to unleash an army of Stine’s monsters in an attempt to get revenge on Stine himself. Now it’s up to Stine, Zach and Hannah to send the monsters back into their manuscripts in order to save themselves and the town.

Remember to review the film, either in the comments section below or on the sheet we gave out at the club.

Think about some of the best moments in the film, your favourite characters, funniest parts and even what you didn’t like about it to help write your review.



  • Mufaro

    I loved that movie even though I had watched it and I loved the ending because it’s emotional but at the same time funny because he noticed the invisible boy was still alive anyhoo it was a fabulous movie I wonder what we r watching next time ????

  • oumou

    I love the all though it was very scary because when I went to bed I had a nightmare. The ending was very happy because I have had enough of monsters and scary things like that. Suddenly I just remembered that the invisible boy is still alive anyhow it was a good movie .it was all about being brave and working as a team

    • Mufaro

      It was good wasn’t it but not scary for me and I know why because I already watched it I think it was my fault that I got nightmares because I said the movie was very scary oops

  • madhushan

    I really liked goosebumps but I was scared when it started later I wasn’t scared.
    I would recommend it to others because it’s really cool and my favourite character was Zach.

  • Yuri

    I really enjoyed the movie but I was a bit scared when the monsters came out of the books.I would rate it 10 out of 10!

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