In the Spotlight: Episode 13

Hi everyone and welcome to our cracking Easter episode of Spotlight. We have a lovely episode this term featuring some extra talented children from DBCPS. First up is a Year 4 pupil who has excelled in her swimming recently and taken part in club championships. She has shared with us her medicals and we are extremely proud of her achievements. Then we have another Year 4 pupil who has performed brilliantly in her Barthanatyam dance lessons recently and brought in a fantastic achievement certificate to show us. We then have a Year 3 pupil who has been great at gymnastics and has now got her grade 8! We were lucky enough to see some of the excellent gym work in the Bridge Factor last week. Then we have a Year 1 pupil who has now gone and got her orange belt for karate! What a fantastic effort. We then have an amazing Year 4 writer who has written a whole story himself based on Minecraft. We expect it to be very popular with our children here! We have a super new swimmer too, earning his Level 2 certificate! Lastly, one of our brilliant ex-pupils, Leah C, shared with us some of her incredible artwork…what talent!

Thanks to all those involved this time round and lets see what is in store for us after Easter. Keep up the great work!

I enjoy gymnastics because I get to make new friends and when we do ‘show and move’ I always learn something new. My favourite gymnastics move is the backwards walkover. The certificate I’m holding is for learning new moves. I’ve only been doing gymnastics for 2 months so I’m very pleased with myself that i have my first certificate and badge.

I had to go in to the big pool, where it was 1.8m so I couldn’t touch the floor. I had to swim on my back and front without a float, a full length of the pool. It was pretty tiring! I then had to hold on to the wall, push off on my back and do the same on my front. That allowed me to achieve my level 3 certificate. On the same night, after swimming, I ran around to get changed and headed straight for karate for my grading. I got a ‘Good’ pass and got my full yellow belt. In karate, i love to do the katas and in swimming I like to swim on my front. My favourite is the breast stroke! I’m working to be stronger in my karate and being able to do a full length without stopping!

I enjoy dancing and managed to pass grade 3 at Barthanatyam Dancing and it was a classical dance and feel like i don’t want to stop! I made lots of new friends who are really nice. I even danced on stage. I’ve been doing it for 4 years now. All the songs are amazing and it makes me happy and want to keep practising.

I had to do some miagari kicks and some outside punches to get my orange belt. I love karate because i have to grade and earn new belts. i have been going to karate for a few months and have made lots of new friends.

I wrote the story because I like Minecraft (it’s my favourite thing). I wanted to improve my handwriting and an idea came in to my head about writing a story about some of my favourite Minecraft characters. It took me about 4-5 hours to write my story and I’m very proud of it. I hope to write another story in the future.

In swimming, I was asked to swim well backwards and forwards and to do a roly-poly. I love that you get to learn to swim in different ways such as breast strokes. I love to jump in the pool too as i love being in water. I didn’t want to go at the beginning, but now I feel more confident and safer in the water I love to go every week. I’m now working towards my level 3 certificate.

Leah C’s drawing of one of the little mix stars. Wonderful!

Leah C’s drawing of her own hand. One of the most difficult things to draw, but looks fantastic.



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