In the Spotlight: Episode 14

Hi everyone and welcome back to In the Spotlight!  After the Easter break we have had some amazingly talented children wishing to share their achievements with us.  First up we have two sisters who have created a masterpiece with their Lego in recreating Neverland.  Then we have one of the sisters who has gone on to be a brilliant ballerina and passed her exam.  Fantastic work!  We then move on to a Year 2 pupil who has progressed brilliantly with his football.  Not only does he play for Dartford FC but he also plays in the academy for Tottenham and plays for Arsenal.  A real superstar of the future and is already playing for our school football team!  We also have a football star in one of our Year 5 girls who has again gone on to receive player of the match medals and trophies for her achievements.  Lastly, we have the ten boys who represented our school perfectly at the Dartford Football Tournament today.  They were fantastic role models for our school and played ever so well in their first tournament.  We are incredibly proud of you all.  Keep up the great work!

Mr Eastes.

My medal is for tennis. To earn this medal I had to show that I can do a forehand and backhand stroke. I’ve been doing tennis for a couple of years and I’m now preparing for my next match. I would love to play at Wimbledon one day. Sometimes a Year 5 pupil plays at my club too.

I got this certificate in ballet for getting 80 marks and a distinction! I had to show the examiner all of my warm ups, so I had to get it right. I’m now working towards grade 3 now which, when I achieve it, means I will get blocked ballet shoes which will let me stand up on the tip of my toes.

I won the award for winning a tournament a couple of weeks ago. We all played really well and communicated lots and worked well as a team. We tackled really well too. The three medals are some of the awards I have received for Player of the Match this season and last. I have been playing football for this team for two years now. I also play for the school football team. I love being part of a team.

Today we were fortunate enough to take part in a football tournament at Dartford FC. There were seven teams competing from North Kent and it was the first time playing together as a team. Ten lucky children were picked to represent the school in this 6 a side tournament. In the 5 games we played we drew three (two 1-1 and one 0-0) and unluckily lost the other two by 1-0. We played some brilliant football as a team and really enjoyed the event. We scored two great goals (from Angelo and Victor) and deserved to win at least two games! We have another tournament coming up in the last term of the year and we look forward to competing and hopefully winning as a team! The best game was the 0-0 game as we dominated the game and had so many chances – we can’t believe we didn’t score! Even missing a shot right at the end which was soooo unlucky! It was a great day for us.

The girl on the top is called Kiara. The girl who is looking at the money is called Elisha. The one with the phone is Chloe. The one with the red hair is called Jade. The girl with the black hair is called Lucky. This was our second attempt at building Neverland. It only took us half an hour to built and it’s made completely of Lego. The idea came from where Michael Jackson used to live! We both really enjoy Lego and have recently built a boat, a dragon, a house and much more. Our next big plan is to build a big castle!

Billy has always had an interest in football and been a Millwall supporter since birth. Last year he asked us to find him a local team after attending training for about a year a Goals on a Saturday morning. He went to a tournament one Saturday and played in goal and loved it. The same day a scout from Arsenal saw him and invited him to a local Pre Academy for a trail. 10 months later he still attends as a goalkeeper. He has 2 weekly sessions with a Professional goalkeeping coach and has been invited to play at Arsenals youth Academy twice. That same day he was scouted he was also asked to join Dartford FC where he plays in goal in the Selkent A league. His team are through to the Selkent cup final on 7th May! In August 2016 Billy was also invited to attend a goalkeeper trial at Tottenham Hotspur’s training ground. Out of 18 boys Billy was one of 7 invited to join their Elite Academy. He now attends training there twice a week. He has played as their under 7 goal keeper on many occasions against teams such as Norwich and Bournemouth. This is his favourite!



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