In the Spotlight: Episode 15

Hi and welcome back to the final episode of the year for Spotlight!  What an eager wait it has been and wow do we have some fantastic achievements to celebrate.  Please also read our blogs for the Year 3/4 Football Tournament and Year 5/6 Rounders Tournament that went ahead this week and we were so successful in both!  So without further talk from me lets check out our fantastic Spotlight stars this week…

First up we have our Year 4 pupil who had success on his holiday over the break.  He participated in two challenges – one an endurance challenge where he had to hold a squat pose for 15 minutes (I definitely couldn’t do that!) and then a mini golf tournament.  As you can see he won both and we are very proud of him for doing so!

Secondly we have our Year 5 pupil who you may have seen before on Spotlight for horse riding.  This time it was success with her dog and wow what a lovely dog it is! Our Year 5 pupil worked hard to train her dog and he won second place in the competition!  Not only that, there is a further event at Paws in the Park later this year and we wish both our pupil and Arthur the best of luck in that!

We then have another Year 4 pupil who has done something particularly impressive this term.  You will all end up seeing her on TV!  Our pupil took part in a TV advert for Vauxhall and it will air on our TVs in August.  Whilst it was a long day our little star got to work with some TV stars in filming the advert and had a great day – and we are sure to see more of you on our TVs in the future!

We end our episode with two footballing stars (who also played for the school this week).  As you can see from their photos they won a tournament (winning 10 out of 12 games!) and we also have a Player of the Year.  What a fantastic successful season and tournament for both boys who also shone for the school.

We are immensely proud of all of you and you helped create one last episode of the year for Spotlight.  We will be back in September so keep shining and we will no doubt start with a bang in September.  Congratulations to everyone who participated this year.

Mr Eastes

The event was the Sweetest Eyes where we had to line up with other dogs, and Arthur had to sit down and stay still. The judge would then come along and judge their eye. Arthur was up against lots of other dogs. It was my job to hold on to Arthur and make sure he was ready for when the judge arrived. Great news!…he won 2nd place! It was his first competition so we are all very proud of him. We are taking him to Paws in the Park later this year. It was his birthday yestoday!..Thursday, 29th June…he is 2 years old!

The cocktail challenge was where I had to do a squat, holding an ice-cream because I didn’t want to waste it, to win a fruity cocktail at the end. I found the he challenge really tough as i had to hold the squat for about 15 minutes! My arms were really aching at the end and i couldn’t move out of the position because it was such hard work! My mini golf certificate I had to shoot golf balls in to hole. Each hole was worth a certain amount of points, or double the points! I managed to win with 145 points! This all happened when I was on holiday in Menorca and am really proud of myself for winning them.

It was a very tiring day. I got there after a 4 hour drive! I met a lady there who said we were a bit early which meant I had to wait 2 more hours to get started. I was chosen for my flexibility and acting skills and played the part of Sally Philips’ daughter – she waves at me and says hi!! My role was to act out playing in the park. Sadly, i had to go home with a melted lolly! I did enjoy the day though and may have to go back in two months. The advert will be on Channel from the 1st August so let me know if you see me!!!

N: I got my award as part of a team award because we won a tournament we attended. It started about 10am and went through until 4pm. We had to play about 12 matches!! We drew 2 matches and won 10!! I scored about 2 every game. I was really proud of myself and my team when we got to lift the trophy at the end by beating our main rivals on penalties! C: I got the same awards as N, plus I was presented with the Player of the Year (under 8s) trophies as well. The shield does have to go back but it does now have my name on forever. I also got another trophy to keep so I can remember my achievement. I also got presented with a trophy for winning the same tournament as N, as I play in the same team as him. I felt really happy getting these awards having just got back from holiday!



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