Greenwich Maritime Museum

The Year 4 visit to Greenwich Maritime Museum was a brilliant event where we learnt so much about the Vikings, the Anglo-Saxons and other times in history.

Year 4 have been travelling in style, using buses, trains and then a boat that definitely felt like it was at sea!

With the captain at the wheel, we were safely on our way. Until we started to feel peckish, but luckily the cooks were in the galley preparing some food from days gone by…

The chief cook suggested we tried some roasted rat, but we managed to resist. It looked awful. After all the gammon looked so tasty, sadly the biscuits looked so bad we were amazed that anyone would eat them.

Although we did meet some real sailors, while at sea.

There were so many people to meet.

The workshop was next and Rebecca taught us all about Viking traders. Showing us some very interesting jewellery made from glass and soapstone.

There was silk, wool, leather and an incredible carved horn.

There were some marvellous Viking clothes, which Martha and Darian were chosen to model.

There were layers of clothing, from under shirts to thick woollen cloaks. They were clothes from a rich Viking family and don’t they look lovely and warm? The shoes were so soft, although they said some of the clothes were quite itchy.



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