Pine Cones

In Science, Ahlberg class have been investigating how pine cones change according to the weather. We predicted what we thought would happen when a pine cone was put into a cup of water, wondering how the shape, size, colour and texture might change. The children then observed the pine cones carefully using a variety of senses as they carried out the experiment. We noticed all kinds of interesting things! Here are some of the children’s comments:

“The pine cone was lighter and now it is darker.”

“It went soggy and squishy.”

“The bits of the pine cones stuck together.”

“First it smelled like the woods. Now it smells like squashy mud!”

“The pine cone floated on the water.”

“When I touched it, it was crispy, but then it got softer when it was in the water.”

We learned that pine cones close up when it is cold and damp, to stop seeds from being released. When we left a pine cone to dry in the classroom it started to reopen again; this happens so that seeds can be released when the conditions are warm and dry, to allow them to travel further.


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  • Mrs Connelly

    Ahlberg Class I was wondering why we had all of those pine cones. What a great science experiment and from something really simple too. I am loving all of our topics this term and you have all produced amazing work.
    Well done xx
    Mrs Connelly

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