Harvest Song

To celebrate harvest, the Year 5 Morpurgo class created new lyrics and choreography for one of their favourite songs.

‘Get Back Up Again’ soon became ‘Grow Back Up Again’, as each group designed a verse for the song, based on harvest.

Oumou and Mufaro took on the challenge of designing the chorus choreography and created an energetic, well thought out combination of moves.

This song soon became a favourite to sing during lessons and the class did a brilliant job performing it to the rest of the school during the harvest assembly.

The children had a lot to say about the experience; some of their words are below:

“Amazing, fun and exciting.” Tyrese.

“It was very fun learning the song because there were new lyrics to a song we already knew.” Isobel.

“It was a pleasure making the song and I hope you enjoy it”. Yimika.

“I loved participating in the harvest song. We used growth mindset and we really did grow back up again!” Hannah.

“I felt very proud performing it onstage and I really enjoyed it.” Vaishnavi.

Congratulations to Year 5!



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