National Non-Fiction November

Tomorrow is the start of National Non-Fiction November and this year the theme is The World Around Us. Through their engagement with books, we hope that young readers will:

  • be encouraged to look more closely at the world around them;
  • develop their natural curiosity and want to find out more for themselves;
  • expand their knowledge and build their expertise in topics of personal interest;
  • be inspired to take care of the natural world;
  • think about what action they could take to help protect endangered environments and species.

To find out about some of the great books available, suggested activities you can do, as well as any events that may be happening this month, please visit the website below.

We would love to hear about any great non-fiction books you may have at home or have borrowed from your library – leave a comment below! Personal recommendations are a great way for others to find out about great books.



  • Miss Bates

    One of my favourite non-fiction books is called Wolves by Emily Gravett. It appears to be a fiction book all about a rabbit who visits the library and gets a book out all about wolves but it is so much more!
    Not only do you find out some interesting facts about wolves but there is a fantastic twist to the end of the book!
    Definitely worth a read!

  • anu

    One of my favourite books is little red riding hood because my second likeable colour.

  • anu

    I mean non-fiction

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