Technology Day in Reception

Last week, Reception had a technology day! We used a range of technologies within the classroom. We used; computers, interactive white boards, illuminated chalkboards, toy phones to call our friends within the classroom, recordable pegs, recordable foam boards, bee-bots, recordable flowers and rocks.

We had lots of fun by drawing pictures, recording our voices and listening back to them, we pressed buttons to make the bee-bots move in different directions and we used the toy phones to call our friends anywhere around the classroom!

What technology do you use at home?

  • Raziella said “It was really fun”
  • Ella said “I drew a smiley face and the boards light up”
  • Jacob said “I used a phone”
  • Steven said “I liked recording my voice”
  • Molly said “I was pretending to call Harvey”
  • Lily said “I was writing some numbers”


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