Owl Babies

As part of our topic ‘Why do leaves go crispy?’ we looked at the story Owl Babies. We were given the task of building the Owl Babies a nest. We talked about what nests are for, how to build one and what shape it should be. We looked around the forest school and used a variety of natural materials to build a round nest for the Owl Babies to sleep in. We knew we had to keep it warm so we used leaves to line the outside of the nest and to keep the centre of the nest warm and cosy. We used sticks and conker shells to build the outside of the nest, as we knew this would make the nest strong for the Owl Babies.

Tell me about the story;

  • Nasir “The owl mother flew away”
  • Melyssa ”The mummy came back”
  • Charis “The owl mother was gone”
  • Elijah “The owl babies missed their mum”

Take a look at our great pictures and the amazing nests we built.



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