Dashing in to Reception

A group of Year 6 children have taken it upon themselves to learn about a couple of new robots (Dash and Dot!) that have arrived at school. They have given up some of their own time to get to know the two robots and how to program and control them.  Their enthusiasm has been great and today a couple of them went on a trip downstairs and paid a visit to both reception classes…bringing Dash along with them.

The reception children were incredibly excited to see Dash roll in to their classroom, lights flashing and playing a tune on its xylophone!  They even got to ask a few questions.  Thanks reception class for being so welcoming to Dash…he was a bit shy at first but soon got to know you all.

We have an ever-growing group of Year 6 working hard behind the scenes, continuing to learn about the robots.  Who knows…your class could be next!




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