Tower of London

On Tuesday 5th December, Morpurgo class went on a trip to the Tower of London.

We had a wonderful visit, splitting into small groups to explore inside and around the 21 different towers that make up the site.

Groups were particularly excited to visit the Crown Jewels where the Cullinan and Koh-I-Nur Diamonds are kept. In term 1 we studied these exquisite gems and it was wonderful to see them in real life!

Other highlights included making friends (or running away from) the famous ravens that live at the tower. These birds are huge and very cheeky, one of them flew off with Kenny’s lunch!

At lunchtime we met the famous Thomas Seymour, who shared details of his life and the traditions of the Tudors. He pointed out key areas for us as we toured the grounds of the Tower and we enjoyed answering his questions and sharing what we have learnt this term.

After our special tour we had more time to explore in our small groups and some of the highlights included the White Tower where we saw Henry VIII’s armour and lots of old swords and fighting artefacts and Tower Green where the scaffolding Anne Boleyn was executed on stood.

Here’s what the class had to say about it:

  • “The Tower of London was an eye-opener.” Faeza
  • “I liked the dragon in the White Tower.” Thomas
  • “The Tower of London trip was full of historic surprises.” Hannah
  • “I liked all the weapons and armour.” Manish
  • “I was so excited when we walked over Tower Bridge.” Eloise
  • “The Crown Jewels were so delicate.” Josh
  • “I didn’t expect the Ravens or the White Tower to be so interesting.” Keisha


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