Meeting a Robot

As part of STEM week we had a chance to meet and learn a little about robots. Some talented girls from Year 6 took groups of 10 children up to the media suite to meet Dash and Dot.  They gave a brilliant demonstration of some of the robot’s talents and then explained how they worked. We had a chance to ask the robots questions and listen to them play songs on the xylophone!  We even had a chance to control the robot ourselves!  It was so exciting that we overran slightly, so the other remaining two groups will get to meet the robots later this week.

We hope to add more robots soon so we can explore them together as a class.

Gabriella said, ” We met a robot called Billy. He could play an instrument and he could talk.”

Ty said, “Bob is Billys’ brother and he came around and said to us  – I like it when you hold me.”

Reaiah said ” We had to give him instructions and we asked him lots of questions.”

Anu said, “we controlled the robots and it was amazingly exciting to do.”



  • Rihana . B

    This was extremely fun to present to the yr2 children. They were excited and curious to learn about Billy and Bob! I hope we get a chance to have more sessions with these children and others!!!

  • Olivia

    It was so fun hanging out with Billy and Bob and teaching the year 2’s how to control them!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mr Eastes

    To the Year 6 girls who ran this workshop: WOW! You were brilliant ambassadors for our school and taught the Year 2 children (and me) so much about robots. It was a brilliant presentation and the joy on the faces of the Year 2 children was lovely to see. A fantastic part of STEM week and excellent skills learnt. A massive thank you from me to you all – and Mr Clegg!

  • Anu

    we all hade fun and when I was controlling the robot it did a smile . It looked cool and funny

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