Wingham Wildlife Park

On Tuesday 30th January, Year 1 went on a trip to Wingham Wildlife Park as part of their topic, Paws, Claws & Whiskers. After a long journey on the double-decker bus we eventually arrived at the park. We were lucky enough to have a hands-on experience. Below are some of the photos – look closely for some fantastic faces!!

We were able to handle a snake:

What type of animals were the snake and bearded dragon?
And for the bravest amongst us, a tarantula called Rosie!

What fact did we learn about the tarantula’s skeleton?

After our handling session, we explored all the different animals in the park, finding out what they ate and where they lived. There were carnivores and herbivores but most of the animals we saw were omnivores.

Can you remember what animals we saw and what they ate?

We all had an amazing day and saw lots of fantastic animals!



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