Chicks in Morpurgo

This week in Morpurgo class we are watching lots of growing. When we came into school on Monday we discovered that the seeds we planted in week 1 had all grown a lot over the snow days. Our peas, cress and spinach are nearly ready to be eaten! We have to make sure we water them a little bit each day and put them in the sunlight or they wont grow.

We also had some very special items delivered to our room yesterday. We now have an incubator with eight chicken eggs inside and a special cage to keep the chicks in if they hatch. We will be watching very carefully today and tomorrow to see if any small cracks appear on the eggs, that will tell us that a chick is pecking its way around the inside of the egg to break free! We will also be listening to the eggs, as sometimes the chicks will make noises before they hatch.

We hope to bring you even more exciting growing news later on this week!



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