Break Out!

Today we bring you new updates from the Morpurgo classroom.

On Wednesday afternoon we were excited to see a small crack in one of the eggs. Then on Thursday 8th March, all of Morpurgo class were delighted to see the first of the newly hatched chicks waiting for us in the incubator.

To get out of the egg, the chicks have to use their egg tooth to break all the way around the inside of the egg, this is called unzipping. We were very lucky to see this in action during our maths lesson today, by 10am we had two chicks in the incubator!

The chicks are very energetic and have been running across the other eggs, trying to encourage their siblings to break out. They are also making very cute (and sometimes loud) peeping noises. This has been a very fun and exciting time for everyone.

We have named the chicks using gender neutral names because we don’t know whether they are boys (roosters) or girls (hens) yet. We all had one vote to help us decide. The names we chose are Robin and Brandy (in remembrance for Brandon).

In the afternoon we had another surprise. As we came in from outside we had another chick hatch right in front of our eyes!

Sadly, not all of them will definitely hatch, but we have our fingers crossed!

Written by, Oumou, Alex, Keisha, Aadit, Farha, Mufaro, Abdullah and Sahar.



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