A Villain in our Classroom!

MAJOR UPDATE: When the children came into class this morning they found a new note left by Doctor Slime! It seems our kind messages have worked. Well done Ahlberg class!

Mrs Scott was shocked to see a flash of green darting out of Ahlberg’s classroom at lunchtime on Thursday. She told the children what she had seen and they spotted some very unusual notes hidden around our classroom. The villainous Doctor Slime had left instructions to try to get the children to be naughty!

Thankfully, the Ahlberg Superkids already knew how to make good choices and were able to stop Doctor Slime’s evil mission in its tracks. We wrote our own messages telling him how to behave like a superhero, and explained our reasons using ‘because’. We are hoping that he will come back to see our messages during the night, and be persuaded to give up his wicked ways!



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