Dragon Forest School

Reception classes went to the forest to create some dens for our dragons. We used pegs and materials to make sure the dragon has some shelter.

We were very good at working in a team and helping each other to create our dragons den.

As we were creating the dens we said this;

Jisha: “The dragon goes under the den. The dragon has a new place to live.”

Aarav and Bukkan: “We’re making a dragon den. We’re using pegs and sticks.

Harrith: “We’re using materials to attach them.”

Henry: “We’re going to pin it to the tree to make a den.”

Macayla and Zaynah: “The dragons are going to live here forever. He needs more eggs and then he will have baby dragons.”

Steven: “The dragons grow so big.”

Murdo: “We had lots of pegs for our dragon den.”



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