Production Reveal 2018

Last Thursday, after a week working hard during their SATs, we finally got to reveal 2018’s end of year production to Year 6.  There was a lot of speculation about what the show would be, lots of questions and looking for hints around the school…but we are pretty good at keeping these big events well hidden!

Then, on Friday, after having practiced their Greatest Show performance they had the chance to kick the show off in style and reveal the production to the rest of the school and their families. Exciting times! We will be getting all year groups involved with displays for the school hall and look forward to seeing as many of you at the performances as possible.

Watch the reveal trailer below with the Year 6 reactions to the announcement:



  • Ritika

    There’s a tear in my eye. I knew it would be Beauty And The Beast!

  • Carmen

    We all miss you Ritika!
    Carmen x

  • Hidayah

    Hi Ritika. I hope you are having a great time in your new home. Do you have cable TV?! And do you still watch Once Upon a Time?

    • Ritika

      Hi Hidayah! You guessed right about the production. I saw the video and you looked so happy. Just to answer your questions, No, I don’t have a cable tv. I have a simple smart tv. And yes, I still watch “Once Upon a Time.” I’m just about to finish the series.

  • Ritika

    I am missing all of you. Hope you guys have fun doing the production. Just remember to smile at the audience while singing and the rest will unravel itself.
    Question: What part did you get?

  • Mr Eastes

    Hi Ritika!! How are you? Have you started school yet? If so how is it?! Lots of questions but just wanted to say Year 6 miss you – and so do the teaching staff! Hope all is well and be sure to keep an eye out on the blogs for lots of Year 6 events and more on Beauty and the Beast!

  • Miles

    I can’t believe it!
    when will the tickets be ready?
    Or are they ready?
    Are they being sold right now!
    I so want to watch this!

    • Mr Clegg

      Hi Miles! It’s going to be a great show. You’re more than welcome to come and watch it. General ticket sales will be from Monday 25th June – Tuesday 10th July.

  • Olivia

    I’m so excited I can’t wait to be Belle it is going to be so fun

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