A Mad Hatter’s Tea Party!

Year 4 invited parents to a special sharing event. They decided they wanted to show their parents all the different things they had worked on this term, but in an exciting way. So they decided on a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party. The children were brilliant, dressing up, singing, acting, showing a science experiment and of course offering their parents some advice from Alice in Wonderland via some of the funnier quotes.

The guides and waiters did a great job of keeping the guests happy taking orders for drinks and offering cakes and cookies.

The drama was from another piece of literature, William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.  Year 4 had written some alternative endings for this play. Some of the parents were amazed by the performances especially the comedic, although still quite violent, endings.

They guided their visitors around the classroom and corridor to show them the fine line drawings of potion bottles they had drawn attracting many admiring comments.

The visitors were also given a chance to read some of the fascinating pieces of writing about Joyce Green Hospital, which was on this site and surrounding areas long before the houses and school were built.

There was some concern as the children performed the mixing chemicals experiment. One parent was heard to say…

“I thought it was going to explode on the ceiling!”

The vinegar reacted with the bicarbonate of soda and caused a gas, which then blew the balloon up. A successful end to the event.

All in all a fantastic afternoon and now we are looking forward to the event in term 6, which a celebration of American Independence Day on the 4th July.



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