Joss Bay

On a sunny, spring Wednesday me and my class drove on a red, tall double-decker bus to a sandy yellow beach. When we arrived safely we nibbled up our appetising lunch and devoured it. However some of the scavenging, mean seagulls ate parts of our yummy, delicious lunch. Quickly, we strolled in the burning, soft sand to dig for cold, sticky sand to make our sandcastles. Minutes later, five by five people, crazily jumped over the high tide waves. After that we got wet sand from the sea and collected some precious sea shells. Some people in my class fell into the freezing, blue sea and after they were soaking wet and dripping water on the sand that was like yellow sugar pieces. Also, we had a messy sandcastle competition and my castle was called Seashell Tipper. If I went there again I would have bought my swimming costume and I would have tried to make a sandcastle out of dry sand. Also, I would have bought an umbrella so I can have some cool shade to relax. The best part was when people were soaking wet and the worst part was that it was too sandy!

By Anu
Dahl Class





  • Vasiliki

    What a great day for the kids and their teachers! Thank you all for the strong memories that you built with them..

  • Mohit

    I loved going to Joss Bay. When everyone got wet I started to run as quick possible so that I don’t get soaking wet.My favourite part was when I dug a big hole and took a photo of it.

  • Olivia W

    I had an amazing time at Joss bay on Wednesday. I’ve never been there before and it was the best experience ever. Thank you

  • Reaiah

    Me and my class went to joss bay and it was so much fun. What I liked about it was when we did the best sandcastles and what I didn’t like was when I splashed in the waves but I fell in the water. I got soaked and I accidentally drank the sea water. Thank you teachers for organising the trip and thank you parents for coming and taking part.

  • Anu

    I had so much fun making the sandcastle and as you see in the text my one my’n was called the seashell tipper!

  • Anu

    It was good and fun because they had splashy waves and cold water.The thing I liked was the high tide waves and the worst part was the toilet and the sand because it was too hot and there was a lot of it.

  • Arinav

    I loved digging a big hole with Mohit!

  • Tola T

    Looks like you all had fun. Thanks to the teachers for organising a great trip.

  • Adam

    I had so much fun on this trip! I loved going to the seaside with all my friends.

  • Taylor

    The trip was so much fun. Let’s do it again 🙂 Thanks to all the teachers for organising it.

  • Taylor

    I had lots of fun and would love to go to the beach again with my friends. Thank you to all the teachers that organised it.

  • Skye S

    I love joss bay i never want to leave we had such a fantastic time

  • Karlie

    I had fun in the cold water the
    Sand was so warm

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