In the Spotlight: Episode 18

Hello and welcome to the final episode of Spotlight for this academic year.  This week we have a lovely episode featuring a sister act among other successes.  First up we have the younger of our two sisters who has achieved dancing success with her level 1 grade.

Such amazing news and what a talent we have!

Next up is our Year 6 class who worked ever so hard and showed real talent in their performance of Beauty and the Beast this year.  It was a resounding success and the Mayor loved it!  Year 6 have had amazing feedback and we are so proud of each and every one of them for their effort, time and dedication to putting on one of the best shows ever! You can see highlights HERE.

We now move on to the older of our two sisters who is on here twice this time round!

Firstly for coming second out of 40 acts in the UK Stars dance competition and also for being cast in a new Nike photo shoot.  We are bound to see more of her in the future as she rises through the ranks!


Last but not least we have our very own choir.  Not only did they showcase their talent at the Summer Fair but they are participated in the Year 6 production for the first time ever. They were amazing, learning the lyrics and singing them with such pride to support our fantastic Year 6.

A massive congratulations to everyone on Spotlight and we wish you all a relaxing summer holidays.




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