First Week in Coldplay

Coldplay class have made a brilliant start to the new acamedic year.  To finish off their first week back they played friendship games, learning how to be kind and caring to each other.

We have already started learning about Anglo-Saxons by reaseaching and recreating a typical Anglo-Saxon ship with chalk on the playground. We shared some interesting ideas about what these settlers may have brought with them and further research gave us insight into how Anglo-Saxons lived. Our class book is the epic story of the warrior and hero Beowulf and is proving to be so exciting.

Well done Coldplay class to a great start to the year!



  • Mrs Parker

    Great work Coldplay Class 🙂 I was really impressed with your ideas on how to be demonstrate kindness to your community, family, friends and yourselves. I’m looking forward to exploring more facts about the Anglo – Saxons and the Vikings with you in the ever so exciting Traders and Raiders topic.

  • Ritika

    Wow! It must have been fine

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