Day 2 (Monday) Kingswood 2018

Day 2 dawned bright and early excited voices could be head from about 6am and banners and balloons had appeared in the girls dorm to help a birthday celebration.  As we had plenty of time and everyone was showered and dressed we found ourselves with sufficient time before our 8.30am breakfast slot to enjoy a little early morning exercise on the field.  Some chose football and some chose volleyball, while others just enjoyed the sea air.

At breakfast there was so much choice ! Porridge, cereals, a full cooked breakfast with sausages, bacon beans and hash brown or boiled eggs, fruit and yoghurt. All accompanied by a plentiful supply of toast, jam and marmalade. Everyone found something to enjoy and we knew we needed to stock up on energy as lunch would be with us until 1.30pm after 3 action packed activity sessions.

Following breakfast it was time for dorm inspections by Mr C.  Scores today left room for development over the week as bed making on a bunk bed is quite an art. At the moment the boys dorm is in the lead.

Now our first full day of activities was to begin.  Throughout the morning there would be fencing, Team Tech (a problem solving giant construction activity), archery, low ropes, go karts and Side by Side (motorised buggies for driving with a friend).

Lunchtime arrived and food was devoured ravenously, pasta, baguettes and jackets among our choices.  Two of the girls (including our birthday girl)  were asked to go and collect a “long stand” from Guest Services (sadly they were out of stock so the girls had to wait a few minutes).  This gave us just enough time to bring out a surprise of cake and cards from home.  The wind made candles a little challenging so the canteen staff kindly let us do candles inside so they could be properly blown out and wishes made.  After that everyone enjoyed a delicious slice of cake before a short free-time on the field.

We then resumed activity sessions with groups completing any of the activities they had not experienced in the morning sessions. Motor sports were definitely a favourite with all of the groups.  We saw many great examples of teamwork.

Year 6 take Mr Caton for a drive.

By dinnertime we were ready for a tasty treat of lasagne followed by brownies.  A quick rest in our dorms, then the evening came and it was time for the much anticipated Night Walk.  Although Norfolk is famously flat we headed to the top of the only high point for miles around.  It was a steep climb.  Far away from the urban glow and luminance we were treated to spectacular evening skies.  Sounds all around from the sea and the local wildlife made us look and wonder.  We saw constellations such as the Big Dipper and just to the left of a bright white half Moon glowed the orange form of Mars.   Some nerves jangled as it became darker and quieter but we supported each other to create a magical evening and made some memories that I am sure will not fade in a hurry.  After all of that exertion, hot chocolate and bed were waiting to welcome us  back to the site like a comforting warm duvet enveloping our senses.  Tomorrow we look forward to our first adventure to the beach, as we “Explore the Rocky Shore”.

The high point of the hill in this silhouetted landscape was our final destination on the night walk where we had a stunning view of the stars and the lights of the surrounding area.



  • Seye Fágbuyì

    Looks and sounds like Day 2 was a blast. Happy birthday to the birthday girl. A big well done to the teachers for coordinating the kids and well done to the children for behaving well and allowing themselves to create beautiful memories.
    Yim and Felzy, we miss you and hope you’re keeping in top form .

  • Lin Perfect

    tge Photos are showing great team work by the whole class. Hope Tuesday on the beach is as much fun. Keep making those fabulous memories

  • Jon Kingman

    Looks like year 6 are having a fantastic time and well done to the boys for coming out on top in the room inspections

  • Julie Williams

    Great photos – love seeing all your smiling faces! Have a great day 3! X

  • Eve W.

    Hi Josh. Looks like you are having so much fun. Hope you tell me all about it when you get home. I kind of miss you but not too much!From the best sister ever!

  • Sheba Shameem

    Thankyou for all the lovely pictures!!Such a pleasure seeing all the happy enthusiastic faces!Can’t wait to see Day 3 pictures with the great writeup!

  • Hannah

    Oh Hannah, it looks like you’re having so much fun with your friends. We all miss you loads

  • Jimmy

    I wish I was there, it looks so much fun

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