Day 1 (Sunday) Kingswood 2018

We all arrived promptly at school eagerly anticipating our forthcoming adventure.  Bags were full and so were a few eyes (with tears) as the time came to say goodbye to those who had come to wave us on our way.  However we soon settled down ready for a week of team building, developing resilience, perseverance and so much more and hopefully having lots of fun.

The journey started well the traffic was slower than average ( but we counted this as a good day on the M25)  and once we hit the M11 the roads were clear.  We traveled on to a spot at Thetford Forest where we could eat our lunch and take a break in the sunshine. After a welcome comfort break the journey continued through the sunshine and into Norfolk.

Upon arrival it was time to meet our Group leader for the week Keira…..

….and take a tour of the site before we settled into our dorms.  The first challenge of the week was to wrestle a duvet into a cover and they soon triumphed.  It was clear to see who had been practising but with a little team work they all came through.  After Miss Randall had been called to evict the spiders trying to share the boys dorm we headed for some free time on the field.

At 5.05pm precisely it was time for our first official activity session of the week. After learning how to do a shout out (see below).

All three groups were together for the Obstacle Challenge.  Team work would be crucial and all of the teams triumphed completing the challenges set before them, balancing a whole team on the giant equilibrium board or getting the whole team over a huge wall or through shark infested gaps.

At 6.30pm it was time for our first trip to the dining hall. Roast dinner was on the menu along with a plethora of sides and salads followed by crumble.

Then after a fire practice so we were all prepared in case of emergencies we headed for Hotspots our evening session.  Lots of laughs and fun for all.  There was also plenty of dancing and singing along the way.  For those unfamiliar with the term Hotspots imagine room sized Twister with lots of music and laughter.

We had lots of fun playing many variations of games and then headed for a quick hot chocolate before it was time to head to bed.  All is quiet in West Runton for now ….

We look forward to sharing more adventures tomorrow when we have our first full day on site!



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