Day 3 (Tuesday) Kingswood 2018

It was a little later today when sleepy faces began to emerge and the consensus was that a good nights sleep had been had by all, the fresh air is certainly working it’s magic here in Norfolk.
Showers taken, rooms tidied we headed for breakfast. As we sat eating we chatted about the previous evening and our walk, one young man saying,
“I just loved it Miss” and then going on to explain “I got to see planets and everything!”
Energy replenished it was off to gather everything we needed to “Explore the Rocky Shore”.

The girls all ready early this morning waiting for the boys to join them for breakfast.

We set off with the whole class together, we joined a brief stretch of the North Norfolk Coast Path ( a route that runs from Hunstanton at the western end to Sea Palling in the east).  Then after a safety briefing we headed onto the Site of Special Scientific Interest (an SSSI) West Runton Beach where there are often fossils and a Mammoth was found preserved in the cliff in 1990. We split into teams of 3 or 4 and with nets and identification keys in hand we began to explore the rock pools.  We found many creatures, sea anemones, periwinkles, crabs of all kinds and sizes including a rare find for this beach of a spider crab, tiny fish, limpets, barnacles and so much more.  Some were placed for short time in a tray of sea water so we could all see them more closely before we returned them to their habitat.


A relatively rare find for this beach-a spider crab. Year 6 decided he would henceforth be known as Pincer and were impressed by his cool backwards scuttle. A short while later he returned to his rock pool home but we were all excited to meet him.

We were all excited by the many finds and spent some time talking about adaptations, linking this to the Year 6 topic on Darwin.  We noticed that  shrimp were translucent which helped them to almost disappear in the clear shallow waters.  

After returning from the beach we had one final challenge before lunch.  It was time for the bottle rocket challenge and if you could protect and preserve your balloon … of the adults was getting wet!  Out of 6 groups just one balloon survived and poor Mr Caton got soaked !

After lunch we had a slight spot of rescheduling for one group as the wind speed was too high on the top of the tower for Group 3 to abseil today so they swapped to take up tool skills, with abseiling rescheduled for tomorrow.  The other ground based groups for Leap of Faith and Jacobs Ladder headed to the tower area.  One young man from Mr Caton’s Group 5 made it right to the top of the whole ladder a phenomenal achievement and there was much cheering, encouragement and teamwork.  Many of Group 4 with Mrs Bishop and Mrs Kouzel took a “Leap of Faith ” including Mrs Kouzel and Mr Caton!  In abseiling which happily resumed from 4pm Miss Randall and Mr Caton were seen descending the tower along with many brave children many of whom were overcoming fears and growing in confidence in fromt of our eyes.

Tool skills proved to be a peaceful and calm session -whittling to make the own tent pegs and feather sticks for fire-lighting.

It was a truly amazing and exhilarating afternoon and the adults were all very proud of Year 6.  Several children were so determined that having not quite made the top on their first go or taking a leap, they headed back for a second attempt -everyone of them improving on their starting point, some great examples of Growth Mindset in action and there was a huge amount of support from their teams on the sidelines.

Group 4 taking time out between activities.

Group 5 taking a break between activities.


After dinner and some free time resting and playing we ended the evening with Mini Olympics -hilarious races and challenges in the Quad. Then we were all more than ready to get some rest.  With such an exciting day there are far more photos to share than we can upload via slow Wifi on one blog so we will save them carefully to share even more examples back at school.

Tomorrow brings more beach adventures and bushcraft including how to light our very own fires among other highlights!



  • Seye Fagbuyi

    Excellent day indeed. Now I wish I was there to take the ‘leap of faith’ and climb Jacob’s ladder too. Yim and Felzy, l trust you gave all the challenging activities a go, going to need you to show me the ropes when we go on our adventure trip !

  • Lin Perfect

    Can not wait to see more photos. What an exciting day. You are all hero’s so brave. Well done on all the team work

  • Tina Hyland

    Hi Katie Hope your having a great time x

  • Nicola Prangell

    Glad every one still looking like they are having the best time and making wonderful memories. It is so good to see what are kids have been upto when your missing them. And well done Alex how can one of the smallest in the class get the highest. Looking forward to the next update.

  • Sarah Kanga

    Looks like everyone is having so much fun. Love reading on here what yr 6 are doing. And love the photos .. Hope you are having a great time thomas and i cant wait to hear all about your time away..

  • Sandra Rukezo

    It appears you are all having a nice time year 6. Mufaro, I cannot wait to hear all about it when you return. Have loads of fun.

  • Laura millington

    I’m so jealous and wish I was there joining in the fun. Love seeing all the pictures… Evie miss you lots and can’t wait to hear all about your trip.. have fun and make great memories xx

  • Iyelamin Gegbe

    Great! Year 6 are having a great time. Rahim we miss you so much. Can’t wait to hear all about your trip. Please have a go at all the activities available if you can. Love you loads…..

  • Marcus

    Hope you had a great time so next time you go to kingswood year 6 have a great time and have some fun

  • Keira

    I love the fact that it is art

  • Svara

    I wish I could go there It looks very nice.

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