Day 4 (Wednesday) Kingswood 2018

Another busy day dawned at West Runton. Today the weather had changed a little and it was very windy.

After breakfast was another morning trip to the beach, this time we were there to continue exploring, dig in the sand, create some environmental art, play games and make a start on a great Kingswood tradition of our annual music video.

One of our Year 6 boys showing off his naturalist skills like Darwin!

After lunch with conditions turning wilder it was a great afternoon to learn some survival skills.

Year 6 have been firelighting! They were thrilled and used their resilience and growth mindset attitude all the way throughout the activity. The pinnacle moment was when Rahim shouted, “I have let the fire breathe and I gave it life.”

We are confident, our Year 6 children and adults will bravely survive in the wild as they’re professionals now when it comes to making fires! (They also learnt plenty of safety rules about when and where this is safe-don’t panic Dartford!)

Knife skills was the next activity for some of the children. Focus and concentration were required.

There was also the opportunity for conquering the shelter building! After we had seen some examples of different types of structures (we may have some future engineers in these groups) it was time to hunt down the resources in the environment around us.  Every shelter had to be tested and there were some shelters which could accommodate Mr. Caton comfortably inside.


Orienteering allowed us to develop navigation skills as part of a team exploring the site we had become more and more familiar with over the past few days.

One group (Group 3 with Mr C) also took up the challenge of Drum beat after completing their knife skills yesterday.  (The wind speed was once again too high to abseil -but this session will hopefully be back on the timetable tomorrow).  We channeled our inner rhythms as teams were challenged to compete to create the best beat.

After dinner today the evening activity was very fitting following our survival exploits.  As the evening sky grew darker it was campfire time.  The whole group headed to join the fire, which emitted a warming glow. Songs were sung and there were sweet treats for all.  As we headed for bed we realised that there was just one full day of our adventure left before we would be heading back to Kent -we needed to make the most of it !  Especially as it included activities such as Laser, Aeroball and ……. the infamous Nightline !! Hopefully everyone has their waterproofs at the ready.



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