Day 5 (Thursday) Kingswood 2018

Today we saw our first damp dawn.  The heavens had opened and we realised why we had needed to pack all those things on the kit list that had been thus far untouched eg coats !

Despite the best efforts of the weather to dampen our spirits Year 6 shone through today. There was so much still to experience. This morning everyone took part at some point in Laser, Bouldering or Aeroball the group you were in determined quite how damp Aeroball was – luckily the other two were indoor activities- finally we were putting those waterproofs to good use (ahead of the ultimate test of a waterproof later on).



We were all pleased to get a nice hot lunch.  The rain subsided and it was zip wire for one group in the afternoon and caving for another. Zip wire was thrilling with many children going back for a second go. It was an amazing adrenaline rush. In caving first we donned helmets and lamps then it was time to crawl through the narrow entrance which led us into the maze of tunnels. The caving system had been created in an old World War 2 shelter. We learnt much about World War 2 as we rested in the central room before exploring the tunnels further.

All three groups reunited for a shared field games session and thanks to some choreography tips from our great group leader Kira we took some extra footage for this years Kingswood video- coming soon to a Kingswood assembly near you……

Then as the days sessions drew to a close

Mr C was ready, the ground was wet, damp and muddy. We had been developing teamwork and communication skills all week.

It was time …… for……. NIGHTLINE!

A wet muddy and fun time was had by all and we saw many children really demonstrating the spirit of Ubuntu trying to ensure all were successful guiding one another round despite all being blindfolded so the whole team could succeed. This was despite the sudden and torrential appearance of freak torrents of water. ( These were possibly more related to the proximity of Mr C than freak meteorological events!)

As darkness fell for us for the final time at Kingswood dark and sinister happenings were afoot.  It transpired that many of our group had secret second identities and it was time for Trail of Mystery our last evening entertainment.  With cunning and sleuthing skills the mystery was solved.  You may be able to spot the guilty party in one of the photos below.

We returned to our dorms and reluctantly (for some ) began the process of packing ahead of a final morning tomorrow of fun and learning before we headed home.  As we snuggled down under cosy duvets for one last time the rain began to fall again and the wind whistled as if Norfolk was as sad to be saying goodbye to Year 6 as they were for their experience at Kingswood to end.



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