The Gruffalo’s House

On Friday, Reception went to the forest school. We read the story ‘The Gruffalo’. After reading the story, we learnt of the strong winds that had blown down all the animal’s houses! As we are UBUNTU, we decided to build new houses for the animals. We used the things we found in the forest such as; stones, sticks and leaves. We ensured that the houses were big enough for the mouse, fox, snake and the owl. We learnt that we need a roof for the animals to keep dry and walls to keep the animals safe from the wind. We had lots of fun with Miss Brooks and Mr Caton and they gave us lots of advice to build big, strong homes.

When asking the children what they had to do and what they enjoyed, Clark said ‘I had to build a house for the animals’. Belle said she wanted to ‘make a house for a bird’. When asked what he did Nathan said ’put some blackberries and leaves and sticks for the fox’. Tomi said ‘I make a house for the mouse. I used some leaves and some rocks and some sticks’. Leah said ‘I made a house for the little mouse in the forest’. Saman said ‘I used mud, sticks and leaves for the ant house’.

We hope you have enjoyed reading about what we have been learning!



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