Cycling in Ezra Class

I loved cycling, we all got into partners and learnt some spectacular skills on the bike. We learnt how to race our bikes and even learnt how to start off at a 2 o’clock position. The man told us that kids should pedal at least 90-100 times a minute. It was a memorable experience! By Rhys.

Cycling was exciting because we learnt many new and different skills about riding a bike. There were 9 gears in the cycle we rode today! We discussed different things about gears and which gear would be suitable for different weather conditions and terrain. By Katie.

At 11:00am, Year 6 class headed out to the field and started our lesson on cycling. First the instructor told us the rules. We were partnered in size and the lesson commenced.  By Hannah.


  • Calendar icon October 9, 2018
  • Category icon Ezra


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